We are now selling Double Door Overhead Door Closers 120min Fire Rated

The integrated closing sequence control ensures the correct closing sequence of both door leaves for double-leaf doors. The active leaf is held open, i.e. ‘waits’ until the passive leaf is closed. The TS 5000 ISM overhead door closer is approved for use with double-leaf fire and smoke protection doors.

The system solution TS 5000 ISM for double-leaf doors provides, on the active leaf,  integrated comfort hold-open function, which makes it possible to stop the door at the end of the free swing area.

Please see documents : 2226_TS5000ISM-datasheet or 2226_TS5000LISM-datasheet  also instruction manual: 2226_TS5000ISM-mounting-instructions


Overhead door closer
GEZE TS5000 ISM Overhead Door Closer