Fire safety compliance can provide a wide range of emergency evacuation equipment. We have Emergency EVAC+ Chairs with 3 sizes,  Evacuation Sheets, Evacuation Sledges and Evacuation Mattress's.  We also provide Evacuation products with  Bariatric needs.  

Evacuation There are 29 products.


  • Evacuation Chairs

     Evacuation Chairs are a universal device manufactured from the smooth descent of stairways in the event of an emergency.  The single user of 2 users operation reduces risk of pulling muscles, as no heavy lifting is required to ensure safe evacuation of a person.  It is required by the DDA ACT, which states that every person is to have a safe entrance an egress of a building.

    In the event of a Fire, lifts cannot be used any longer and people with mobility impairments can somtimes by left behind to wait for the emergency services due to inadequate evacuation methods over alternative flights of stairs. Evacuation chairs offer in these situations a much safer and much more acceptable solution for evacuation.


  • Fire Door...

    We have a range of Door Guards in several different colours.

  • Emergency & Premises...

    Fire Safety Compliance have pulled together a range of products designed to allow you prompt and safe evacuation by providing the Fire and Rescue Service and others with full information on your premises and its specific risks.

    No two premises are identical - by providing further information, copy plans, site services drawings etc this will no doubt enable a quicker and more effective response to an emergency.

    Consider a fixed box for plans/drawings, a detailed photoluminescent site layout plan and emergency gab bag containing hi vis jackets, mobile phone charger, bottled water, emergency contact lists.

    We have 3 Versions of Gerda Emergency Plans Boxes, 2 from Justrite and 3 from Safelincs.

  • Balcony Escape Ladders

    Balcony Escape Ladders are available for 4 floors upto 36ft.

  • Permanently Fitted...


    These ladders are immediatly available for escape when needed.  And cannot be easily stolen or lost.

  • Portable Fire Escape...

    Portable Fire escape ladder safety factors help determine the effectiveness of your fire escape plan by outlining how easy a ladder is to use and how quickly it can be setup. Choose the fire escape ladder that provides your family with the best chance of escaping easily and quickly.

    We offer a wide range of escape ladders which are high quality products from leading fire safety brands. We offer free extended warranties on all our emergency escape ladders and are confident that we provide the best fire safety equipment on the market. 

  • Bariatric Evacuation...

    A  working definition of a bariatric client is someone who weighs 150kg or more, has a BMI of 40 or more or who has large physical dimensions, a lack of mobility or other conditions that make moving and handlin difficult.  Many healthcare facilities report a continuing increase in the number of bariatric clients admitted.

     For these reasons, all healthcare providers need  to develop plans for moving and handling bariatric clients,

  • Evacuation Sledges

    Evacuation sledges are the ideal solution to be used where the buildings have narrow twisty corridors. And these sledges can be wall mounted. 


  • Evacuation Sheets &...

    Evacuation sheets, sledges and mattresses offer ideal solutions for deployment through a wide range of buildings. In the event of an emergency these evacuation devices are designed to help transfer those who are mobility impaired out of a building safely. We offer a wide range of devices from leading manufacturers including Thorpe Mill, Harvest Healthcare and Hospital Aids.

  • Evacuation Training

    We can provide a range of training courses to enable safe evacuation of staff, customers and visitors to your premises

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Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items