About us

firesafetycompliance.co.uk is an on-line retailer of fire safety products, many of which are insurance approved. Our objective is to remove the guesswork out of selecting fire safety products, therefore our products have been selected by a Fire Safety Consultant with our 20 years experience in providing Fire Safety advice, which will assist you in legal compliance.

We are an on-line only retailer, with no retail premises, ensuring that our costs are kept to a minimum and providing you with the best prices.

Our products are usually accepted for safe use by UK insurance companies, and some products have been formally approved by an a US based Insurer. It is your responsibility for ensuring that the products you select are the most suitable for your application, however to make this selection easy for you we have provided a button adjacent to every product which allows you to email a link, why not send this to your insurance advisor or Fire Safety Officer and request their confirmation of acceptance?

We aim to provide a wide selection of approved products, ranging from fire prevention, detection of a fire through to safe evacuation and extinguishment. Please let us know if there are any other fire safety products you would like us to stock.

We are happy to answer any question, please use the contact us page as this enables us to reduce the volume of unwanted spam emails and respond to you more quickly. Our main contact number is 0843 8861545, however if you wish we are happy for you to send us your telephone number and we will call you back


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