Top Tips for location of Gas Cylinder Cages

Here are our top tips for location of cages:

  1. The most appropriate location should be determined via risk assessment. They should be positioned in an external area, where there is good natural ventilation.
  2. Locate away from any other fire risks
  3. Secure the cage in position.
  4. Consider the security of cylinders to avoid theft and to prevent tampering with the cylinders. Keep the cage locked at all times it is not in use.
  5. Do not store in low lying areas where any leaking gas could accumulate. Do not store adjacent to any basement or cellar openings.
  6. Consider the risk of impact damage, locate within an appropriate area or provide additional impact protection.
  7. Position cages away from emergency exit routes.
  8. Provide appropriate signage.
  9. Separate empty/full cylinders
  10. Provide separate cages for fuel (eg LPG) and oxidising gases (eg oxygen)