Understanding Safety Cans

Additional information on Justrite Safety Cans.

Not all fuel containers are created equal. For safety’s sake, do not use non-approved containers for storage and dispensing of flammable liquids. Firesafetycompliance.co.uk have the full range of Justrite Safety Cans available, with large volumes in stock for immediate delivery to UK mainland.

Ask anyone who has used a Justrite can, they are sturdily built to a high quality and easily distinguishable from other containers.

The safety cans have features like flame arresters and pressure relief valves. Their design helps prevent incidents. Yet, simply using a safety gas can won’t guarantee your safety. Applying best safety practices are also key.

Pouring flammable liquids from a container into equipment and other containers is so common that we don’t even think about it. But, the consequences of something going wrong are quite severe. Equipment damage, fire, injury and even death may result when being too casual using gasoline and other flammable liquids.

Laboratory Cans – what are they?

Provided with self-closing taps for trouble-free dispensing.Fill spouts have self-close, pressure-relief caps and stainless steel flame arrestors. These cans also feature a vacuum-relief valve within the lid for smooth liquid flow.

What is the difference in a Type I & Type II Safety Can?

Type 1 – These Cans have one opening that serves for both filling and dispensing. Consider using a funnel when filling and dispensing. We also supply a purpose made funnel which clips onto Justrite Safety cans sized 4 litres and above.

Type 2- The Type II Safety Can has one opening dedicated to filling and a second spout opening dedicated to dispensing. The Type II Safety Can comes with an attached flexible hose and the exclusive AccuFlow™ manifold with Safe-Squeeze® trigger handle to provide the smooth and controlled pouring

The metallic safety cans have a raised bottom to protect the bottom from puncture of sharp rocks and reinforcing ribs for resistance against side impacts.

Where can I use a safety can?

Both indoors an outdoors. There are some precautions to take with a safety can as well as any other container when outdoors:

  1. When temperatures are hot, the vapor pressure in any safety can will be elevated. Safety cans are design to emergency pressure relief, rated at 3 to 5 psi. Still 3 to 5 psi can be significant. It is important to relieve that pressure in vapor space (while a safety can is setting flat) rather than liquid space (when tilted and dispensing liquid) to avoid a sudden burst of fluid and back splash.
  2. When the temperature is warm and there is a sudden cooling, vacuum in the safety can will be created. There is no vacuum relief valve built into a safety can. While rare and depending on the fluid level in the safety can, the vacuum created can implode a safety can. This is more prevalent in desert locations, an unlikely risk in the UK. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this:
  • Any cans left in the open should be in a shaded area, or undercover to prevent the sun from heating the container. Keeping your safety can in the shade can also minimize material loss
  • ‘Burp’ your safety cans at the end of the day to relieve pressure. The less difference in pressure, the less likely an implosion will occur.
  • Keep your safety can’s fluid level above half full.
  • Always keep a safety can in a well-ventilated area. Never in a closed vehicle or passenger space.
  • When transporting a safety can, secure in position & limit the chance of movement in a vehicle from sudden braking or centrifugal forces.

What does FM Approval mean?

FM Approval is a laboratory registered under OSHA’s Nationally Recognised Laboratory program which outlines the responsibility to evaluate and deem materials and equipment as safe. FM has published standards to which they evaluate each product category as safe and in compliance with laws and applicable design standards. They publish a list of approved products available for public reference. They also conduct periodic quality assurance audits to give customers confidence we are providing product of the same quality and design as the product submitted for approval.

We hope that you find this information useful – to view our full range of safety cans click here