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We are currently evaluating a range of fire safety related tools and equipment, please check back here shortly.

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FM Approved Anti-Static Grounding Wire 3 meters
Antistatic Insulated Wire for bonding/grounding, with hand clamp and 1/4" terminal, 10 ft. coiled REDUCE FIRE RISKS BY PREVENTING SPARKS FROM STATIC ELECTRICITY. Use these antistatic wires to ground dispensing stations and containers to reduce ..
Ex Tax: £59.19
Antistatic Flexible Wire with Dual Hand Clamps 1 metre
Antistatic Flexible Wire for bonding and grounding, with dual hand clamps, 3 ft/1M When working with flammable liquid containers this grounding wire allows you to create an earth and prevent ignition of any vapours due to static discharge when fil..
Ex Tax: £49.99