Armorgard Security Storage

Armorgard Security Storage

We have the full range of Armorgard Security Boxes, vaults and storage cabinets available, the ranges can be summarised as follows:

TuffBank Van Boxes - This tough, sturdy range of storage boxes are built to a very high standard, boasting many anti-jemmy features which are unique to Armorgard.

Strongbank Van Boxes - The absolute ultimate brand of site safes. Manufactured using 3 and 5mm steel and with every vulnerable area strengthened, this unrivalled product will last you a lifetime and will help prevent the most determined thief. 

The Oxbox - The Oxbox™ is a lighter duty range of tool vaults designed for lower risk and lower budget situations, while still providing a good level of security and protection. 

BarrowBox - The BarroBox has been designed to combat the rising theft rates on construction sites as a result of tools being left unattended. Using the internal handle the wheels can be lowered when the BarroBox needs moving. To secure the vault, simply raise the wheels and lock the lid.

Toolbin - This lightweight storage bin is designed for storage as opposed to security. Manufactured from thin galvanised steel it will keep tools away from prying eyes and the elements.


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